Wallacestone Primary School Parents' Council

The next Parent Council meeting will take place on Tuesday 12th September at 7pm in school. 

The Parent Council is a statutory body and has the right to information and advice on matters which affect our children’s education.  The school and the education authority must consult with the Parent Council and its views into account whenever major decisions are being taken that affect the school. 

The Parent Council’s main aims are to represent the views of parents, and report back to them, but do so by promoting contact between the school and parents, and by supporting the school in its work with pupils. That means WPC can cover a wide range of issues, but is not involved in fund-raising and cannot discuss issues that are specific to any child or family.  Additionally, any concerns about the school, staff, or pupil behaviour need to be directed to the school in the first instance.

All parents with children at the school are automatically members of the Parent Forum.  The Parent Council represents as widely as possible the views of this forum.   This is done by liaising regularly with the headteacher, teaching staff, pupils and, where necessary, other members of the community while at the same time also providing opportunities for parents to express their views.   

WPC’s role is different from that of The Parents’ Association (PAWS) which is a separate body and carries out some of the fund-raising activities on behalf of parents, pupils and the school (although in some smaller schools the two bodies are combined).  PAWS is represented on the Parent Council by a parent member.

Contacting the Parents' Council

You can contact WPC by speaking directly to one of the members, or asking the school to pass on a message or your contact details. All parents are very welcome to come along to WPC meetings. We welcome any suggestions or feedback throughout the year, including future WPC meeting topics – if it’s in the general interests of parents we will try to address it. There is also a communications box in the school foyer which can be used to pass on comments to WPC. Alternatively, you can contact us directly by email at wallacestoneprimaryschool@falkirk.gov.uk (subject: ‘FAO the Parent Council’).

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