Parental information sheet - Glossary

After discussion with Parent focus group we came up with some helpful information we thought parents might like to have to explain language which we use in school.

Class awards are awarded by the Senior Management team (Mrs Macdonald, Mrs Kerr, Miss Morrison ,Mr Crawford and Mrs Robertson)

They can be awarded for individual, group or class achievements. Some examples being :

Walking in class well around the school.

Notable positive behaviours by support staff in the playground.

Being kind to a classmate.

Excellent behaviour in assembly.

Representing the school well in the community.

VCOP:   These are used in all aspects of writing. This stands for: 

Vocabulary.  (Varying choice of words and thinking about WOW words)

Connectors. (Word that joins to sentences to make one longer sentence)

Openers (Good ways of beginning a sentence)

Punctuation. . , !  : etc. ( to add interest to writing)

The children are introduced to them in Primary One and there is a progressive build-up of skills. They have a pyramid which outlines these step by step in class so they can refer to these.

ICT:  Information Communication Technology. Work with a variety of technologies including computers to support all we learn in school and to help us in presenting information.

Discrete subjects: We timetable and teach this subject following a progression of skills pathways.

IDL: Inter disciplinary learning. When we combine a few areas of the curriculum which naturally fit together to support the development of skills and ideas. E.g. Maths, People and Place and Art may be used within a topic context together. These help children to deepen learning by making links between subjects or applying in real life contexts.

Ethos and life of the school: The wider learning in the school.   All the things we do to support the children to work and play and learn together. The sense of community that we feel as a school.

Vision and values: How we see the school right now. How we want to develop the school in the future. What we see as our common values as pupils, staff, parents and partners.

Attainment: A child’s educational progress. Measureable by class work and assessment.

Achievement: All the wider ways the child can have success.  Used in conjunction with attainment to celebrate success.

AfL strategies:  assessment strategies used by class teachers to ascertain quickly whether a child has understood. E.g. 4 corners, thumbs up down, traffic lights exit cards

CLIC: Strategies we use in Big Maths (Counting, Learn Its ,It’s Nothing new and Calculations) Parent sharing information sharing evening planned for later in session.